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In this example, I would like to show you the type of video material that I create using Hitfilm Express (a free video editing software with professional-grade VFX tools). I am happy with the result, so were my students and their parents two years ago (at that time I was working for the Cerveto School)

In this particular lesson, we were using the Subway Metropolitan Map of London as a realia in the «English in Use» class.

The main goals of that particular teaching lesson, in terms of cultural-content, were to introduce the students some new and useful location names in London (vocabulary), to get used working with unknown maps (reading maps skills), and to handle some situations where the task might become unbalanced between our individual opinions and the need of some small group decisions (collaborative working skills). At the end of the lesson, we mainly review our syllabus’ linguistic objectives (reading, pronunciation, and writing skills).

Finally, regarding my teaching style, you might appreciate the atmosphere I use to generate in the classroom. The environment in the class was motivating for the students as I tend to introduce a few gamification dynamics in almost every lesson.

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  1. I liked what I saw in the video, how they work in group, how willing ! Very inspirating, I will try to get that level of interest with my 2nd ESO students. The previous explanations are quite clear. Thank you for sharing.

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