Creative writing in the class.

What material works better for me?

The following three audios belong to my first symphony. I created it using a DAW (Digital audio workstation) and the Audacity. I «see» them as soundtracks to inspire narratives. My first intention was to help my students in the process of a creative writing activity using music as an inspirational resource. And it worked better than expected. Note: the titles below each file are just personal annotations; nothing really important.

In order to sequence this activity in the classroom I verify that my students understand the following 3 steps:

  1. Listen to this piece of music and write down words and phrases. These words and phrases might be the – location you think of – the feelings you feel. Let your imagination run free!
  2. Now with those words and phrases, use a dictionary to translate any words into English that you need. Then build your list so you have 10 words related to what you thought while you were listening.
  3. Regarding what they should know about my assessment of the task: There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s a clear intention to describe a place, a feeling, an encounter or meeting in that place, or the general depict of a scene as a result of their imagination, or some of them together.

Now, if you are someone like me, always searching for new inspirational inputs, try this: plug in your headphones, click the play button, and let your mind fly to «that» unknown place & time you’ve always wished to visit. Enjoy it!

«What is going on? Our memory against the new reality»
«Where are you? Somewhere near the coast.»
«Conclusion: what are the things you don’t want anybody to forget?»

If you find this experience useful, why not trying to bring it to your own lessons? Feel free to use my material if needed.

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