Are You into Escape Games?

I sometimes imagine you as a very hard working teacher. You might be reading, preparing and posting on your social networks something new every day, including July and August. Well, this is not my case. I don’t use to post anywhere just for the sake of announcing a new tool, a new book, a new game, or a new website where others could find something apparently interesting.

Today is one of those days that I feel I can share something with you. I have been reading, testing, learning and enjoying with the creation of an Escape Game using, the website. It was a nonstop 38-hour occupation (the whole weekend, almost), and it wasn’t as easy as I thought at the beginning. Despite the inconveniences of spending such an elongated schedule of my free time, finally, I can say I understand the difficulties and the challenges that teachers have to tackle with when designing and preparing any «Escape» activity.

This is my first website based Escape Game attempt, and I am still learning. Some of the places that I follow and enjoy the most are these:

Christian Negre, Javier Espinosa and Clara Cordero are only a few out of many other genii that I would suggest because they make my own learning experience more rewarding. They inspired me in coming up with this final result. And after a week chopping websites in julienne strips, I have no doubt that you also will enjoy reading the many tools, websites, and ideas that these three great teachers use to recommend in their respective sites.

Finally, what I also find as compelling as thought-provoking in creating this Escape Game is the inner narrative that I tried to follow from the very first minute: The player’s mission should be his own driving motivation to give it a try and enjoy playing with a feeling of being thrilled until the end of the play. Indeed, no less!

P.S: In this apparently new methodologies era, we, as teachers, should taste and test first everything new we want to bring and use tomorrow in the classroom. This is the only way to know the exact dose of our addictive poison so as not to kill the willingness to learn of our students.


(Follow this link to play it fullscreen)

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