Hello world!

Welcome to my website. Here I want to share some of the activities and games I have created to enrich the learning process for my students. I hope you’ll find this content amusing, engaging, and helpful at the same time.

«No books? No problem» Why?

While many of us have access to physical books, games, and other traditional learning tools, unfortunately, many of us don’t. Moreover, many people have different studying preferences – because of comfort or environmental concerns. Finally, some students might like to take their studies with them as they travel, but books are bulky and impractical. Therefore, this website was designed to cater to all of these learners – no printing required!

Looking into the future, learning will be flexible, and students will have the power to choose how, when and what they learn. Therefore, I truly believe that online learning will become an integral part of the educational landscape in the years to come.

Barcelona, October 2017.