The Wildlife Quest Museum

Important note: Sorry for the inconvenience. I am updating the website and it seems that this link doesn’t work 🙁 (15/04/2020) I am working on it. Please, be patient. I will fix it as soon as possible 😉

Recommendation: PiE 4th Grade

I sometimes feel 4th graders miss the lessons we got last year: plants, animals, habitats, ecosystems…and our original first ClassDojo Monsters!!

This game will help you review some 3rd Grade basic content. The experience I have created is quite immersive and I hope this game will let you enjoy a wild quest journey in a virtual museum.

Mechanics: The game starts at the museum. You will find some questions on the walls. You need to answer those questions. The challenge is to get outside of the rooms, but you won’t succeed unless your answers are right.

Computer requirements: You need to use your mouse to move and click on the buttons, and you will need also to use your keyboard arrows to navigate (walk) around the museum.

Are you ready to start the visit? If yes, press play! (If something goes wrong, this is the external link:

Good luck! 😉