A new little plant in my house

It is gardening time!

Today I decided to take a look at my plants because the season is changing. I need to start protecting my plants against frost and the cold weather of the winter.

During this summer I had the surprise of a new plant growing in a flowerpot. As you can see in the picture, it is a fern. Ferns are a very common plant used both inside as house-plant and as garden foliage. Dating back to prehistoric times, ferns exists in thousands of species. They need water every day, but not too much. They also need a fertile soil to continue growing. Let’s review what ferns need to have a jump on the following season.

Steps to bring in ferns to overwinter

Ferns require lots of shade and ambient sunlight, rather than direct. I need to place my plant near a north faced window (east and west windows let in too much direct sunlight).

I also will need to keep the plant a bit away from the window so that it receives more ambient light. The right place also will be that one with high humidity levels, ferns love humidity. I will moist it with a moistener bottle, but not every day.

I finally need to find the place where the temperature will be constant. Ferns are tropical plants, although they not require an exactly tropical scenario to survive (my house is not a jungle, yet 😉 The chosen room will be constantly at 21-degree Celsius.

It is time to make a decision:

In conclusion, I think that my bathroom is the best room to place my little fern in.

Bathroom characteristics: I

  1. It is a north faced room.
  2. It is the most humid room in my house as the result of everyday showers we take
  3. And the temperature in the bathroom is around 20-degree Celsius almost all the season.

Ferns are a very expressive plant and I guess it will feel very comfortable in my bathroom. What do you think?

Do you like plants? Do you like gardening? If so, I will tell you my secrets about transplanting and growing new little plants in the next post. Have a very good day! Cheers!

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