Writing Chinese characters – Pronouns

In this section, you can review the writing of Chinese personal pronouns stroke by stroke. Chinese writing isn’t very difficult, but it is very important to follow the order and direction of the strokes if you want to write Chinese characters correctly.

At this stage, we are ready to study the writing of the following pronouns:

  • I
  • you
  • he
  • she
  • it
  • we
  • You
  • they (masc.)
  • they (fem.)
  • you (formal)

These words will allow you to express different types of basic sentences and ideas included in basic conversations.

To learn the order and direction of the strokes, press the button you like and watch the writing animation.

Are you ready to practice your writing skills about this subject on the screen? If so, click on the following link and test your memory by writing the Chinese language pronouns. «Writing test Chinese pronouns«.