Listening and writing.


PDF Documents to practice your writing skills.

In the following video, I show you how to pronounce the four Chinese tones (applied to the syllable «ma») You can watch it to help you hear again the basics of Chinese speaking.

Download the following document to practice and learn some basic characters of colours in the Chinese language.

In the following video, I show you how to write Chinese numbers (from 1 to 10), and their pronunciation as well. You can watch it to help you review the basics of Chinese writing and speaking.

Writing Practice

Review the writing of numbers in the Chinese language following the steps shown on this page. It is a new way to show you the secrets of how to write (the order of the strokes and their direction) applied to Chinese numbers (from 1 to 12). Click the following link. I hope you like it!

Writing Chinese characters . Numbers


Now you can use my voice-box to record and send me your speaking activities.

Please, remember to say your name, surname, and grade to help me identify you and proceed with the feedback I will give you. Thank you.